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21st March 2022

Living Eggs is an ethical chick hatching programme. 10 embryo eggs will be delivered to school with an incubator and within a few days, the eggs will hatch.

Children of all ages will have the opportunity to see the chicks during their first few days of life – and if we are lucky, we may even see them hatch.

After two weeks, the chicks will be taken away and spend the rest of their life on a farm.


Grenfell Anniversary- 14th June 2020

This weekend marks the third anniversary of the fire in Grenfell Tower. Our theme with the children in school has been: ‘stronger together three years on’ – even when we are apart. Anniversary rituals are important and so our small group of older children and staff represented our school community in coming together for a prayer, 72 seconds of silence and to release 11 balloons – one for each of the people directly connected to our schools who died. We laid some flowers at our mosaics.

Art Hanging in the Nursery (March 2018)

Last Friday, the Nursery children attended a special ceremony in the Community Room for the unveiling of a very special piece of artwork. The children have been working with an artist called Jasmin Bhanji over several weeks; and she has put their work together into a stunning wall hanging based on the story ‘Augustus and his Smile’ by Catherine Rayner. Please have a look below to appreciate our talented and creative artists.

This half term has been eventful in the Eucalyptus Room as it has been their turn to experience the wonders of Forest School. All the heavy rain over the past few days has altered the forest school landscape and so the children have explored a very wet environment much to their excitement. Huge puddles and lots of mud has meant a very tactile day of exploration. Judging by the expressions on the children's faces (and staff) the 'bad' weather did not prevent them from enjoying themselves and literally getting stuck in!
Filling buckets with mud and water for a mud kitchen, tug of war, bug hunt and of course muddy puddles has ensured that the children have really got the most out of their visit. Just look at these photos and you get a taster of what the children have been engaging in. (June 2016)


Latest photos of our New Nursery Building (April 2016)


Last term saw the introduction of forest school to St. Anne's and Avondale Park Nursery. It quickly became a hit with the children who started coming in asking "Is it forest school today?" For one day each week the children in groups of twelve went exploring, climbing, collecting, observing, making and risk taking in an ever changing environment. Some weeks were wet other times it was dry. The most significant indicator of the children's enjoyment was the size of smile on their faces during their time there. Bug hunting was popular, also swing making, tug of war, den building and tightrope walking. The children also got to use a saw to cut fallen branches. Lots of thoughtful and meaningful learning occurred during these visits and many of the less confident children really started to develop their self esteem and sense of curiosity. This term Forest School continues with the next class taking up the baton. Here are some pictures from last terms successful foray into the forest! (April 2016)


Latest photos of our New Nursery Building (February 2016)



And so the Autumn term comes to an end with Christmas performances from the children singing a selection of festive songs. All the children have been rehearsing for nearly three weeks. What a success with parents commenting that their children don't stop singing, even when they go to bed!! It's been a jam packed term with many high points roll on January.

Merry Christmas one and all!! (December 2015)

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